Just in: The Romanian Melodic Hardcore Band Tourist Joins RLM

Tourist is a melodic hardcore band formed in 2018, that explores those untouched recesses of the being where the most truthful feelings ignite their fire to roar even stronger. With a sound that incorporates, in addition to the harshness of the hardcore riffs, a series of melodic-melancholic instrumental passages that recall autumn’s carefully arranged carpet of leaves. The reason for this is not only to be in tune with the weather but also because Tourist has been able to create a musical concept that is as personal as possible from this vortex of moods, which in the Romanian underground is like a breath of fresh air in the heart of a large city.

We like to play fast paced songs with riffs that keep you movin’, groovy bouncing breakdowns, and heart-dwelling melodies. Our songs are about unity, friendship and love. All delivered with a heavy punch and energizing live performances. We are Tourist. We are one and the same.


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