The German Melodic Hardcore Band The Cake Is a Lie Joins RLM

Each edition is filled with new names in the international underground music scene, so let’s continue this tradition for the next year as well. We are pleased to announce a band that has succeeded in conveying a special emotion surrounded by intense melodic hardcore tones, The Cake Is A Lie. Founded in 2013, in Nürnberg, Germany, The Cake Is A Lie is a name in continuous rise in the German hardcore scene. Over the years, they have developed an unmistakable sound that has been shaped by a style that is as personal as possible.

As a result of a wide range of influences, from screamo to emo, and post-hardcore to punk-rock, The Cake Is A Lie explores topics that sprout within the being like a flower in an increasingly dry society of good feelings. Throughout their music, they describe a never-ending journey home, a continuous struggle against prejudices, and a deep cry for help.

At Periam Port next year, we will have the opportunity to discover all these sound blends that dig some inner trenches and throw you in the middle of fierce battles with society and the environment in which you find yourself against your will.

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