Dead Like Juliet Joins Rock la Mures 2024

With almost 15 years of activity, one of Europe’s most important hardcore/metalcore bands comes to break the norm at Periam Port. Without too many introductions, but with a row of frenetic applause, we announce that the next name to take the Rock la Mures stage for the 12th edition is Dead Like Juliet. This six-piece band hails from the northernmost region of Italy, South Tyrol, where the mountains bind friendships between our Latin brothers and Austrians. Dead Like Juliet is a hardcore/punk band that has defined its style around melodic hardcore and metalcore.

So, in addition to the raw sound, characteristic of hardcore bands, Dead Like Juliet also succeeded in introducing, in a manner that does not dilute their message and energy, most of the time very directly, atmospheric keyboard and synth passages that practically brought them worldwide recognition.

As they address a wide range of issues, from the personal to the social and political, their tracks are frontal and cleverly constructed behind rational arguments. All of this is wrapped in melodic metalcore, with energetic and catchy choruses reminiscent of bands such as Parkway Drive and Emmure.

The first full length album “Stranger Shores” debuted in 2018 leading them to play around 200 club shows, underground shows and big festivals that 20 different countries including mainlands Europe and the UK.

As a result, their very consistent live performances bring them close to the bands previously mentioned, which is one of the reasons why Dead Like Juliet has become one of the biggest names in the European metalcore scene. And of course, another reason not to miss Rock la Mures this year.

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