Meet the Designer Who Created RLM 2024 Poster

Alexandru Das is an art director living in Bucharest, creating pieces of art for every occasion he has. In addition to designing book covers, Alexandru has also collaborated with Rockstadt Extreme Fest, and for many of you, he is known for his band Valerinne. In about a month’s time, we approached him to help rebuild the image of our festival, and he was able to take it to a whole other level.

We truly believe that Alexandru is an artist like no other, with such an amazing and unique style. Each piece contains a world of ideas, stories, and depths of emotions. The design concept for the 12th edition of the Rock la Mures festival revolves around the Tethys, the mother of all rivers, framed by the flora and fauna of the Periam Port region. As a background, there’s an old map of Austro-Hungarian origin showing the Mureș River, from Arad to Periam.

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